The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Hey does anyone remember Clint Eastwood’s movie by that name?

Okay so recently the Good is:

Especially the Onion News Network video, it’s really good, Nashville Scene is good to repudiate that Geert person and Jack Silverman is good to write about the hateful Geert.

The Bad is the Cornerstone Church that hosted that hateful maniac.

And last but not the least is the Ugly:

See that image? Yes, that’s whats called ugly.

Now I wonder if this platinum blonde dyed dude had told the Cornerstone Church audience that he is not really a white European but that his ancestry is Indonesian Jewry and that’s why he has to painstakingly color that mop platinum blonde all the time (but really can’t do anything about his Asian eyes), how receptive would the audience have been to him? This guy is fanning the flames of hatred against Muslims but is too afraid to tell people who he is since he knows that those who hate Muslims hate Jews as well and the blacks and the Mexicans and anybody that is not white and Christian.

I am happy that such people are far and in between.

I will tell you now about the Good people I met today because I am a person that count their blessings. Anybody that sees me knows I am a Muslim because of the piece of cloth that I wear on my head. And when anybody is nice to me and considerate to me inspite of the piece of cloth on my head, I forget about all the Geerts that exist in this world. So the first nice person I met was a white woman I met in the parking lot. I don’t like to quantify people by their color here but I am going to mention the color in this article to be able to represent what I saw today because I want to counter the hate that Geert spreads around and I don’t want Muslims to be paranoid by the feeling that they are hated by everyone since they are not. This lady accidentally had pressed the alarm key on her car key chain while I was walking to the store entrance. When she came near me she apologized profusely. I wasn’t bothered by the noise anyway but was pleasantly surprised by her niceness and apology. The next nice person I met was the store cashier who checked me out. This guy, a white rising college sophomore greeted me by a “hi maam”. I was happy to know that he was polite and courteous even though I am a Muslim (I know I normally don’t have this thinking but to read articles after article about how Muslims are despised, one is extra conscious if the person you meet despises you because of your religion or not). So anyway I asked him about his college and then about his job. The reason was that M1 has just started a minimum wage job for the summer at a sandwich store and I was wondering if she could make more at this grocery store. M1 wants to make some money if we go to Pakistan and are not able to send the money that we usually do. It turns out that this young guy’s older sister went to the same school M1 goes to. Also this young guy worked at the same sandwich shop M1 works at. So anyway M1 had not heard from this grocery store yet, although she has applied to it, but an hour afterward M1 texted that she has an interview with the grocery store. So I wondered if the young guy did something or not. The last nice person I met was the white guy at the storage facility I went to check. If we sell or rent our home and go to Pakistan, we would need to store some of our stuff long-term. So I was looking for prices for 10 by 10s (climate controlled or without) storage. This guy took me through the complete facility and even struck his price down from $145 to $110 per month for a climate controlled 10 by 10. He held doors for me through all the places we passed through. All these people I met today didn’t give me less attention because of my scarf or any more attention because of my scarf. They treated me as the next person they would treat. I liked it that way. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

  1. Thanks for a great post, AJ. Those “Onion” videos are great satire, aren’t they? And Geert Wilders is certainly an Israeli Zionist tool – pretty much a ‘reincarnation’ of Hitler, ironically with an Israeli agenda in opposition to Muslims.

    I hope your move to Pakistan goes well – and I pray for the safety of you and your family after you return there. I hope you will keep up your blogging (though I guess you’d need to change the name of the blog) as I would hate to lose communication with you.

    Peace and blessing be with you and your family.

    • Stephen,

      Thanks. It all depends upon God now. It has happened in the past. I had plans but God’s plans were different. Let’s see what happens with our house and FJ’s job. InshAllah I plan to write wherever I am :)

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