Winters in Peshawar and the Wedding Season

It’s about midnight here in Peshawar. As I type this, I can hear loud music playing at a neighbor’s house. It’s the wedding season in Peshawar. Since it’s usually very hot in Peshawar in summer and before and after that, people try to plan their weddings in winters or early springs. People of Peshawar are [sarcasm] very accommodating towards their neighbors [/sarcasm] as is apparent that its midnight and the neighbors don’t mind the music playing on loud speakers. Now if this were America, 911 would have been called and no person in their right mind would have the courage to be playing music on a loud speaker at any time of the day. But this is Peshawar and when the celebrations are going on for a wedding at a neighbor’s home, people ignore the loud sounds for a week or two until the celebrations last. But the problem is that once the celebrations end at one home, they start at another home. So all winter long you can hear music at midnight and into the wee hours of the morning. I guess it contributes to the festivity of Peshawar and you could enjoy the happiness that is happening around you, while you sleep, provided you have at least 2-3 homes in between you and the bride/groom’s home to provide at least some sound insulation.

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