Why Nidal Hasan can’t be executed…..

Well, he has grown a beard and the judge in the case, Col. Gregory Gross, finds that to be a big distraction. Nidal Hasan has twice asked to plead guilty since his trial started in 2009 and is ready to accept “full responsibility” according to his defense attorney. But the real problem seems to be his beard. It really incenses the judge. Hasan states that he has kept the beard for religious reasons and that he would like to retain the beard since he will be executed soon. People in the US Army are allowed to keep beards for religious reasons. Col. Gross thinks otherwise. He feels that Hasan has kept the beard not because he feels strongly as a Muslim – which is kind of strange. Wasn’t Hasan’s religion and NOT his craziness and NOR the fact that Hasan used to overdose himself on anti-depressants while being a psychiatrist cited as a reason for murder? So if we can trust that Hasan killed for Islam why can’t we believe that he keeps a beard for Islam?

Gross is perhaps too grossed out by Muslims or Islam or perhaps he wants to make sure that Hasan doesn’t get his 72 virgins in heaven [sarcasm]. So while all families of the slain victims in Fort Hood shooting await justice, the Islamophobic or should we say the Beard-o-phobic judge, Col. Gregory Gross tries to find ways to get the beard off before he progresses any further. He has threatened to take the beard forcibly off if Hasan doesn’t comply. After all, it is really important for the sake of justice that Hasan gets to his grave sans his beard.

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