If Aaron Alexis was a Muslim…

  1. He had to have links with Al-Qaeda
  2. He had to have gone to Afghanistan or Yemen for training
  3. He would have some dubious links with some jihadi cleric somewhere in the world
  4. He would have been proven by the media to be a regular at some mosque although no regulars at that mosque would have known him
  5. He would have left some dubious trail around where it would be proven that he was slowly becoming a radical – we would never see that evidence but it would be oft mentioned
  6. Someone would have heard him shouting, “Allah u Akbar”
  7. If any or many photos of him from the recent past or near present would turn up where he would have been shown drinking alcohol or hanging around with half-naked girlfriends or doing other non-Islamic things, well it had to be before he became radical
  8. His mental history wouldn’t matter
  9. His abuse of mind altering drugs wouldn’t matter
  10. He could have only killed for Allah

With apology to those who lost their lives at the hands of Aaron Alexis – my intention is not to be callous but to only request to please treat the non-Muslim killers and the Muslim killers accordingly. They all have the same grey matter.

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